Genius Hour Week 12

Today Ella and I will start on our slide shows for our presentation. Some things that will be included will be the main points within the pictures and how you can see the evolution throughout each genius hour update.

This Monday, Ella and I tried to make a soap bar half the size by putting paper in the middle of the mold. (shown in the image below)

After the soap set we removed it from the mold and got results we were not hoping for. The soap was very oily and the paper used to make the mold smaller fused into it while it was setting.

Genius Hour Week 11

Today will be the first day of our planning stages. The idea for our presentation is to bring in little samples to test in front of the class and how our soaps progressed over the months. Next week we gather all the main soap and the week after that we will work on the learning portion. In our presentation we will provide things such as how we failed, images, our research and our expert we talked to.

Genius Hour Week 10

This week Ella and I put bubble wrap on the bottom of the soap mold to give it a honeycomb texture. We also added oats, honey, and coconut oil, all of these ingredients have good properties like exfoliation, brightening the skin, and natural moisturizing.

After letting the soap harden we took it out of the mold and removed the bubble wrap.

This is what the soap looked with the bubble wrap indents, I thought that the bubble wrap might have ruined the soap but it actually worked!

Next week we will start our presentation and show the progress throughout the months.

Genius Hour Week 9

This week Ella and I experimented with coconut oil, some benefits are antioxidants, vitamin E, and it protects the skin by creating a shield like layer. The last week we did genius hour Ella and I created a soap-bar with oats and we believe this ingredient was a step forward. With this information, we decided to make a lavender soap bar with oats and coconut oil.

This is the melted coconut oil infused with the soap base.

This is the soap after setting in the mold. This time the soap felt a lot softer and moisturizing, next time we might try to make layers in the soap.

Genius Hour Week 8

This week Ella and I referred back to the text messages we had between Rocky Mountain Soaps. The last few weeks we have been having trouble with the long lasting moisturizing so we added some honey and oats like they suggested in the text.

Genius Hour Week 7

Last week we added soap lotion into our soap in hopes to create a softer and more moisturizing soap. When testing the soap we did not feel or see much of a difference so this week we decided to add lotion and water because we noticed that the soap was also gritty.

Once we poured the soap into the molds and let it set we noticed that lots of bubbles appeared. To improve, the plan is to add coconut oil and to use a blow dryer to keep the soap hot while we add other ingredients.

Genius Hour Week 6

This week we took in the information that we saw from last week and tried to improve the soap. One of the things we did differently this time was we added lotion in hope to make the soap softer and more moisturizing.

After we let the soap set, Ella tested the soap just like the previous week and she didn’t notice much of a difference so for next week we will research more moisturizing ingredients to add.

Genius Hour Week 5

Over the weekend Ella and I went to Rocky Mountain Soaps, we bought 4 different soaps in hope to compare them with the ones we made.

We bought lemongrass, lavender, pumpkin and cedar wood & fir.

This is what the soap base looks like before we put it into the microwave.

After putting the soap in the microwave for a few seconds at a time it became liquid. Once we mixed in the scent and color we realized that the soap base hardens very fast. We noticed this when we were making our fist soap and recognized that for the upcoming soaps we would have to work a lot faster in order to put the soap in the mold before it solidified.

This is what the soaps looked like after it set and we packaged them.

This is the side to side comparison of our lavender (the bottom one) and the Rocky Mountain Soaps (the top one).

Genius Hour Update

Ella and I have been sick for the last few weeks, because of this our genius hour blogs have been delayed. We are eager to get our supplies this week and start creating and changing our soaps. Recently we have been emailing and texting Rocky Mountain Soaps to ask for advice and any ingredients they would suggest.